Scientific American

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How Chasing Bigfoot Can Lead to Actual Science

DNA studies haven’t led to the discovery of any mythical creatures, but they’ve helped us understand the evolution of real ones

Science Buffs STEM Blog

Science Buffs is a CU Boulder STEM blog. For a full list of articles I wrote for Science Buffs, click here

Plant a garden under a glacier

CU Boulder scientists replicate a decades-old vicuña experiment

Reproducibility in Science

A series about reproducible science

To gossip is human; to math, divine

Can we make math more human to improve mathematical skills?

We’re not so different, bacteria and I

On poking E. coli and what it tells us about ourselves

Policy, postcards and pints

How CU Boulder graduate students are advocating for science.

Hello from the other side

How polyomaviruses get inside our cells

Massive Science Consortium

Massive Science is a science blog for scientists, by scientists. 

When scientists become ‘data parasites,’ everybody wins

Why some scientists are celebrating colleagues who “steal” data

Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine

Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine covers news from CU Boulder's first and largest college.

Bioscience start-up sheds light on ‘dark DNA’

Born on the CU Boulder campus, Arpeggio Biosciences is looking to a previously unknown part of the human genome to better understand drugs and disease