Dengue virus

I'm studying how dengue virus interacts with host cells during infection. Dengue viruses infect between 50 and 500 million people every year and are poised to spread geographically as global warming increases the range of mosquito vectors. I'm interested in how this virus uses host resources and host proteins during infection, and how this may have affected its evolution.

The evolution of primate immune responses

The mammalian immune system is immensely complicated and under intense selection pressure from pathogens. I'm interested in how the immune system of primates has evolved as a result of this selective pressure. 


Alex C Stabell, Nicholas R Meyerson, Rebekah C Gullberg, Alison R Gilchrist, Kristofor J Webb, William M Old, Rushika Perera, Sara L Sawyer.  "Dengue viruses cleave STING in humans but not in nonhuman primates, their presumed natural reservoir." eLife (2018)