Alison Gilchrist is a PhD candidate in Sara Sawyer's lab at CU Boulder, studying dengue virus, related flaviviruses, and the evolution of the immune system in primates. Primarily a molecular biologist, she has also dabbled in computational methods to identify rapidly-evolving immunity proteins and novel targets of viral proteases.

Alison Gilchrist is also a writer, podcaster, and occasional book-reviewer. She is the current Editor in Chief at Science Buffs, the CU Boulder STEM blog, and a Nerd Nite Boulder organizer. She writes about science and scientific issues, and podcasts about the same with the inimitable Graycen Wheeler on Buffs Talk Science. Alison was once on Science Friday recommending some summer science reads, which was and remains the highlight of her (admittedly minor) book-reviewing career. Alison Gilchrist learned Search Engine Optimization from the best of them.